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Our Story

In 2010 the dream started and 2018 the dream began to come to fruition when we announced we were opening Syracuse's first Japanese cat cafe! After many events, challenges, and covid delays, we opened our doors on August 28, 2021.  We decided to launch Luna Café to give people of all ages and backgrounds a place to come enjoy an eclectic mix of Midwestern and Japanese cuisine, while also having a place to be able to spend time with real cats!  We want you to come and we want you to stay as long as you would like!  Consider our café your second home meow!

The goal of our cafe is to have a fun yet relaxing atmosphere. Grab and go, or stay the day. It is the perfect place to sit and get your work done, or finally sit down and enjoy your book... 

All of our cats come from our friends at the CNY Cat Coalition and almost all of them are up for adoption, so if it is love at first sight, maybe it was meant to be after all. 


Whether you are here for our cats, our yummy food, or maybe a cup of our custom Moon Blend Coffee, we hope we make your day just a little bit better!

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